Squarespace, Page Anchors, Linking within a Page

(Response for thread: http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/2773/how-can-i-add-an-anchor-to-a-page)

This process is a bit cumbersome but helpful if you have many in-page links, as on this page:


1.  Create a Text Block with your "Target Content" (the content you wish to link to)

For each Text Block, Squarespace creates a <div ...> with an "id".  This happens in the HTML, behind the scenes.

The id of this Text Block is  "block-df695d742408fe43955c" 

You can find the "id" by selecting "view source" from your browser.  This will show the actual HTML.  If you are using Firefox, another method is the Firebug plugin: http://getfirebug.com/

The following screen shot shows finding the <div ...> id with Firebug:

(2) Create an in-page Link to the "Target Content" Text Block

The in-page link below goes to the Text Block above:

      Link to the content above.  Link to: "#block-df695d742408fe43955c"

The link to the Text Block is "#" + "div id".  The screen shot below shows adding the in-page link:

Illustration of Text Blocks with in-page links.